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About LAMM

The LAMM Service is a new service offered by Forex Optimum Group and an opportunity to make an extra profit for investors and traders.

This is an excellent solution for a novice investor. Even with no experience and relevant knowledge, an Investor can profit from activities in the financial market by copying trades of the most successful traders, under the LAMM Service. The Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM) system automatically calculates the volumes of the Investor's trading transactions and copies trades to the Investor LAMM account pro rata to trading transactions of a respective Trader.

By joining the LAMM Service, a successful Trader will find Investors and be getting an extra income in the form of commission fees on his Investors' profit.


Trader By week All time
FeersRUS ¢ -26% 454.8% Invest
Ramoden 1% 314.5% Invest
GoodDay 0% 200.9% Invest
LuckyBoy 3.3% 195.9% Invest
Elfriant 0.6% 190.1% Invest
Pribineg -0.1% 164.9% Invest
SOAD 0% 152.3% Invest
CraZZy 0.4% 145% Invest
EMIL300486 ¢ -2.1% 131.1% Invest
Okmira 0.9% 107.2% Invest

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