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14:51 29.05.2017
Investors have lowered their risk appetite
FX trading has been rather active in the currency pairs involving the yen, plus there has been a substantial increase in gold, +0.85%. Normally, this kind of correlated dynamics reflects that the investor sentiment indicates risk aversion. Amid these developments, European stock exchanges have been experiencing local sales, and key indices have been trading in the red zone. Asian stock indices showed mixed closing. The S&P500 broad market index is showing a correction, within a bullish
16:53 25.05.2017
This Week's Most Anticipated Events: OPEC+ Meeting And FOMC Minutes
This week, markets have been following two major events. The topic No.1 is, of course, the OPEC+ meeting in Vienna planned for May 25. During this meeting, a crucial decision is expected to be made in regard to further prolongation of curbs on oil production, and the terms of a new deal will be defined as well. According to Saudi and Russian energy ministers, the deal will not be prolonged for six months, as planned earlier, but for the next nine months. In our view, the actual decision to
12:37 24.05.2017
Political risks are increasing not only in the US but also in the UK
The political climate in the USA is still tense. There was no new sensation at the beginning of this week, but the overall sentiment, according to political journalist Elizabeth Drew, is viewed as follows: "On both sides of the White House fence, near-nervous breakdowns abound. The White House staff is said to be in a state of near collapse - bouncing from one presidential crisis to another, trying all the while to hide from a screaming president". Surely, the way things are shaping up raises a
00:00 22.05.2017
This week's topic No.1: OPEC+ meeting
By the end of the last week, investors slightly calmed down, however risks of an escalating political scandal remain. The topic of the possible impeachment of the US President is becoming more popular, and this, on the whole, negatively affects global markets, including Russia's currency markets. Nevertheless, the hype surrounding Trump's resignation has decreased, yet another negative factor is picking up steam, which can manifest itself in investors running away from risks once again. The
10:10 19.05.2017
Investors are running away from risks
In global markets, investors have been seen running away from risks since the beginning of this week. Gold has risen by $25 to $1261. The currency pair USD/JPY has lowered by 2.4% and the Japanese yen is rising versus all G10 currencies. Global stock indices are also under pressure, particularly the SP500 index, which went down by 2%.The probability of an interest rate hike in June has decreased to 64.6%. A negative momentum occurred for the US currency on Friday when negative data on retail
12:15 18.04.2017
Morning Brief 18.04.2017
U.S dollar reversed its losses against the Japanese Yen on Monday trading after the comments of Treasure secretary with Financial Times that strong US dollar is good in long term periods. Dollar is recently up 0.3% against the Yen after hitting five month lowest level in earlier sessions. On the economic front U.S consumer prices decline 0.3% in March versus the 0.0% expected as compared to 0.1% in February, retail sales fell 0.2% in March versus -0.1% as compared to -0.3% in February.
12:00 17.04.2017
Morning Brief 17.04.2017
Federal Reserve is quickly filing the details of how it is going to reduce the securities portfolio by 4.5$ billion in the years ahead, this process could start this year and can become the challenge for investors which are grown habitual to easy money from world's most important central bank. Federal Reserve wants to decrease its portfolio for several reasons. U.S economy is getting stronger and now requires less support from large bond purchasing portfolio. According to Federal Reserve, large
12:13 13.04.2017
Morning Brief 13.04.2017
U.S dollar fell sharply on Wednesday after with an interview with Wall Street journal Donald Trump said that the "U.S dollar is getting too strong" and he would prefer to keep the interest rate low. After his interview, Wall street Journal dollar index which measure the U.S dollar strength against sixteen other currencies, decrease 0.3% to 90.2. The index was generally flat ahead of the Journal story. U.S dollar also fell 0.4% against the Yen and 1.2% selloff on Tuesday. Donald Trump also
12:12 12.04.2017
Morning Brief 12.04.2017
Japanese Yen in today's trading jumped to its highest level in five months as geopolitical tensions drive market and investors into assets which seen as safe. Market sentiment was dampened by the risk concerning Syria and North Korea, and investors are looking for safe assets like gold, Japanese Yen and U.S government bonds. Investors are digesting different geopolitical events this week, Yesterday U.S secretary of State Tilerson reached Moscow, As Trump administration concerned about the
11:26 11.04.2017
Morning Brief 11.04.2017
Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen said on Monday that the era of stimulative economy is coming to an end. In his speech in University of Michigan she said that Fed now instead of its efforts to revive the recession scarred economy; now focusing on maintaining the gains of their goals in economy of the past few years. This will change the central bank's policy making stance; she further said that Fed officials plan to continue gradual increase the interest rate unless the economy begins to
11:27 10.04.2017
Morning Brief 10.04.2017
U.S stock indexes closed lower after a mixed March job data and after the tension escalated by a U.S missile strike on Syria. Nasdaq Composite fell 1 point and closed at 5877, S&P 500 down 1 point and closed at 2355 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 6 points and closed at 20656. In an economic front, U.S job data came lower than expected. According to U.S labor department in March only 98000 nonfarm payrolls were added, which is smallest growth since May 2016 versus the 175000
11:49 07.04.2017
Morning Brief 07.04.2017
U.S dollar is trading higher as Investors are watching cautiously a summit between China's president Xi Jinping and U.S president Donald Trump. In Past Donald Trump had mentioned that his two days meeting with China counterpart would be very difficult. In past Donald Trump has accused China on several occasion of keeping its currency under value to gain unfair trade advantage over the United States. Today and tomorrow meetings between both leaders will open a new dialogue, but market is
11:56 06.04.2017
Morning Brief 06.04.2017
U.S stock index closed in negative region yesterday. In early session, stocks were higher after ADP report that the U.S private sector added 263000 jobs in March, beating the expectation of 180,000. The strong data signals that the nonfarm payroll on Friday will also show that the labor market is strengthening. ADP survey clearly shows that despite the apparent slowdown in first quarter GDP growth, market conditions remained strong. Stocks retreated after the release of Federal Reserve monetary
12:15 05.04.2017
Morning Brief 05.04.2017
U.S dollar is trading little higher against other currencies after the better than expected trade data. According to U.s Commerce department, U.S trade deficit narrowed to 43.6 billion US dollar in February as compared to 48.2 billion US dollar, which is lowest level since October. Durable goods order also expanded 1.8% in month of February versus the 1.7% expected and as compared to 2.3% in January. Investors continues to invest in Japanese Yen in today's trading after the North Korea tested
11:14 03.04.2017
Morning Brief 03.04.2017
After strong first quarter US stock index closed after modest loss on Friday. Nasdaq Composite dropped 2 points from its record high and closed at 5911, S&P dipped 5 points and closed at 2362, the Dow Jones shred 65 points and closed at 20663. Real estate sector and utilities strengthened and financial sector shares dragged the index down. US treasury yields found it hard to move upward due to the several Federal Reserve officials' comments that the Central bank is not in a hurry to
12:00 30.03.2017
Morning Brief 30.03.2017
Yesterday major US stock indexes closed mixed. Nasdaq composite gained 22 points and closed at 5897, making it its four session winning streak, S&P 500 up 2 points and closed at 2361 and Dow Jones industrial average shed 42 points and closed at 20659. U.S dollar made a moderate advancement against the Yen in today's Asian session; its latest upward rally could indicate a fresh upward rally. Recent upward movement is helped by the Japanese corporate investors who are buying dollar to settle
15:32 29.03.2017
Morning Brief 29.03.2017
Dollar today inched higher with U.S dollar index up 0.15%, changing the course after an overrated negative reaction to the failure on Friday of President Donald Trump's health bill. The failure to gain need majority sparked the prospects for the rest of his agenda and his reflationary economic policies. Overnight media reports also shows that president Trump has indicated to prioritize the fiscal spending at a dinner with senators. Donald Trump's fiscal spending/stimulus could raise the
12:16 21.03.2017
Morning Brief 21.03.2017
U.S dollar is lower against emerging market currencies today as Federal Reserve signaled more dovish than expected monetary policy which sent the investor on higher profit assets. U.S dollar is down 0.4 against Mexican peso which is the lowest level since U.S presidential elections in November. U.S dollar also fell 0.7% against SA Rand which is lowest since August 2015. Other currencies including Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee and Korean won also trading higher against the dollar. U.S dollar is
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