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14:38 05.07.2017
USD/JPY Attacking 113 Level Again
At the beginning of the Asian session, the US dollar vs yen pair was going down below 113.00 amid another inflammation of geopolitical tension. However, a rise of the yen against the greenback had quickly stopped, as it happened yesterday, and by the start of the European session the currency pair attacked the downtrend at 113.00. Japan's Services PMI was released and turned out to be better-than-expected, the composite indicator was at 52.00 in June, which is still below 54.00 in May, yet a
19:02 04.07.2017
US Dollar Gaining Strength To Rise
The US currency has been strengthening today within the entire market spectrum. The US Dollar Index has gained around 0.4%, its quote is now in the 95.8-point level area. A rise is within a technical correction, however fundamental factors may also provide support to the correction this week. On Monday, reports on ISM and PMI are to be released, latest FOMC minutes are going to be published on Wednesday, and then as usually on the first week of the month a report on the labour market is to be
09:39 04.07.2017
Investors Decide To Lock In Portion of Positions
The US dollar has been demonstrating timid attempts at making a local correction today after its lengthy fall. The UD Dollar Index is being traded at 95.5. The statistics released yesterday played a rather significant role. The data were dubious. GDP for the first quarter showed an increase by 1.4%, meanwhile initial jobless claims rose up to 244,000, which is more than the average number of jobless claims during the preceding four weeks, slightly above 242,000. Nevertheless, the stats were not
14:59 30.06.2017
Sale of US Dollar Continues
Most currencies continue rising against the US dollar. The US Dollar Index dropped below the 96-point mark, reaching 95.6. Investors are taking advantage of unexpected sentiment of major central banks to tighten their monetary policy. On Tuesday, ECB President Mario Draghi gave hope to investors by making optimistic remarks about the eurozone's economy. Yesterday, Bank of England's Mark Carney supported Haldane's concerns about inflation, giving good reason to pound bulls for a breakout above 1
15:26 29.06.2017
Canadian Dollar Joins Euro Against US Dollar Rally
Yesterday world's major central banks demonstrated a surprising unanimity of their positions. The European Central Bank president was the first among others to hint at cutting stimulus, and then Fed officials suddenly pointed out asset market overheating. US stock indices reacted to these remarks by falling. Moreover, the US currency immediately fell under pressure, particularly against the euro. However, the situation stabilized in the morning and rebounded in regional sian markets. Japan's
13:58 28.06.2017
EUR/USD Rally Continues
The US currency is under pressure again. The US Dollar Index has reached the 97-point mark, currently the quote is at 96.6. Yesterday negative statistics on May's durable goods orders (ex transportation) played a trick on the US currency, the indicator increased by 0.1% versus an increase by 0.5% the previous month, which proves one again that demand decreased. This indicates that expensive purchases are postponed for later periods, which, in its turn, suggests consumer caution. US stock
15:46 27.06.2017
The US dollar continues stalling, crude oil prices have started climbing
The US currency is stalling, the dollar index has been consolidating for over a month near the 97-point mark. The uncertainty remains because of two basic reasons. On the one hand, the US Fed has promised to normalize rates, reduce the balance sheet and tighten monetary conditions. On the other hand, there are problems in implementing ambitious plans of the Trump administration. However, this doesn't seem to relate to the US stock markets. The indices keep on climbing. Particularly, the SP500
10:07 23.06.2017
Growing contradictions in the Central Bank of England
Since the beginning of trade in the Asian session today the New Zealand dollar has got the upper hand in trading in relation to the dollar, by the current moment adds 0.6%. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand left the discount rate unchanged at 1.75%. At the same time, in the enclosed statement nothing has changed either, however, the word "neutral" ceased to appear, which provoked a fuss around the New Zealander. USD/JPY continues consolidating around level 111.30. The goal of level 112 and
09:53 22.06.2017
The US dollar is gaining momentum
MSCI included 222 Chinese class A shares in the index of developing countries. Investment funds tracking the dynamics of the index will add them to their portfolios. The market took the news quite calmly. Shanghai Composite rose by 0.2%. Japanese Topix lost 0.3%, Australian S&P /ASX 200 fell by 1.4%, and Hang Seng - by 0.4%. In its turn, European indices also traded in the red zone. In general, trading in the currency markets is calm. The US dollar demonstrates neutral dynamics. The dollar
10:26 21.06.2017
Correction for oil is getting closer
There is no single trend in the currency market today. The key currency pairs are consolidating in narrow ranges after yesterday's growth of the dollar across the entire spectrum of the market, caused by an increase in yield on state bonds of the USA. At the same time, it is worth mentioning yesterday's rise in US indices. Yesterday, SP500 showed a new altitude record, having fulfilled the goal 2451 we have talked about. Now the index target is the mark of 2500 points. The VIX technical
10:32 20.06.2017
The dollar became dull again
Dollar The political crisis in the US, associated with the head of the White House, subsided two weeks ago. Last week the US Federal Reserve meeting was held and the regulator adjusted the monetary policy. The current week will be less eventful, and this immediately affected the American. Today, the American currency shows neutral dynamics. The dollar index is trading near the level of 97. Stock markets also faded in the range. In particular, the SP500 index within the framework of the outset
10:15 19.06.2017
The regulator's relay is over
Today the Bank of Japan published its decision on the interest rate. It remained the same, at the level of -0.1%. Monetary policy has also remained unchanged. In this context, the Japanese yen continued to decline to key currencies of G10. In particular, the usd/jpy pair is growing for the second day in a row. The US Federal Reserve previously reported the impulse to the currency pair. The closest target for correction is 112.10. In its turn, the US dollar demonstrates a neutral dynamic today
10:26 16.06.2017
The outlook for the dollar is positive again
At the last trading session, the American currency was feverish. A lot of macroeconomic data was published in the middle of the day. Namely, the core CPI rose by 1.7% against the expected by analysts growth of 1.9%, in its turn, the consumer price index rose by 1.9% against 2%, while the volume of retail sales showed a decline in May by 0.3% against the estimated growth by 0.1%. The statistics turned out to be much worse than expected. This indicates a decline in consumer demand, which is
09:48 14.06.2017
All attention to the meeting of the US Federal Reserve
The coming week is as much eventful as the previous one. It is remarkable, first of all, by the number of meetings of regulators of such countries as the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan and Russia. In addition, a large number of macroeconomic data will be published during the coming week that will affect the trading dynamics. At the end of the week, the dollar cheered up. After the speech of the former head of the FBI Comey, the impeachment of Donald Trump is canceled. This factor has
12:52 08.06.2017
“Super Thursday”
Thursday promises to be volatile. During the day, there will be a lot of macroeconomic data, and tomorrow will be held the ECB meeting and the elections to the Parliament of Great Britain, appointed by Prime Minister Teresa Mei. In the morning, the data on Japan's GDP for the first quarter are expected. Analysts expect the growth of the indicator to the level of 2.4%. In general, the forecast can be justified. In the Land of the Rising Sun, export growth has recently been observed, as well as a
10:08 08.06.2017
In the limelight is the US Federal Reserve meeting
The central event of the next two weeks is the meeting of the US Federal Reserve. In fact, the fate of, firstly, the American currency, of course, will depend on the further actions of the regulators. While the Fed's interest rate increase is maintained by federal funds, the market's probability of this event is estimated at more than 88%. If this scenario is implemented, then this will be the second increase for the year. Simultaneously, the probability of raising the interest rate for the
16:08 31.05.2017
China's statistics will set the pace for Asian trading hours
On Wednesday, China's players will be back to global financial markets after the holiday. Major economic data, namely Manufacturing PMI and Non-Manufacturing PMI, are expected to be released in China the same day. Considering risks of economic slowdown in China, the readings might disappoint investors and set a new pace for trading during the Asian session. This may particularly affect the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar, which are dependent on China's economy because on their China
17:05 30.05.2017
Low market activity, yet investment ideas present
Trading activity has lowered in global financial markets. In the US, the UK and China, it is a bank holiday today, so key players have a day off. In view of this, no major macroeconomic data were released during the day, and major currency pairs have demonstrated neutral dynamics and have been traded near last Friday's closing levels. The currency pair EUR/USD basically remains in an uptrend, however it is also testing the 1.116 level within a local correction. In case of a breakout of this
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