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Currencies. Daily history for Thursday, January 13, 2022

Pare Closed Change, %
AUDUSD 0.72798 -0.05
EURJPY 130.769 -0.28
EURUSD 1.14545 0.12
GBPJPY 156.495 -0.36
GBPUSD 1.37083 0.06
NZDUSD 0.68635 0.3
USDCAD 1.25176 0.16
USDCHF 0.91125 -0.33
USDJPY 114.163 -0.4

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05:30 24.01.2022
Commodities. Daily history for Friday, January 21, 2022
Raw materials Closed Change, % Brent 86.76 1.39
05:25 24.01.2022
EUR/USD bears take control in a risk-off start to the week
EUR/USD is pressured in a risk-off start to the week.  Russia, the Fed and US data are the standout themes. EUR/USD is under pressure in the opening session for the week and easing off from 1.1345 highs to 1.1332 as risk-off continues on the back of Friday's bearish close on Wall Street. Asian markets are lower on Monday with the Federal Reserve expected to confirm it will soon start draining the massive liquidity that has fulled stock markets for years. 
05:00 24.01.2022
Goldman Sachs sees risk Fed will tighten more than forecast – Bloomberg
Bloomberg came out with the latest analysis from Goldman Sachs to propel hawkish hopes ahead of Wednesday’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Key quotes (via Bloomberg) The Goldman Sachs economists led by Jan Hatzius said in a weekend report to clients that they currently expect rates to be increased in March, June, September and December and for the central bank to announce the start of a balance sheet reduction in July. But they said inflation pressures mean that the
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