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Stocks. Daily history for Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Index Change, points Closed Change, %
NIKKEI 225 1454.28 19546.63 8.04
Hang Seng 863.7 23527.19 3.81
KOSPI 94.79 1704.76 5.89
ASX 200 262.4 4998.1 5.54
FTSE 100 242.19 5688.2 4.45
DAX 173.69 9874.26 1.79
CAC 40 189.6 4432.3 4.47
Dow Jones 1177.19 21882.1 5.69
S&P 500 28.23 2475.56 1.15
NASDAQ Composite -33.57 7384.29 -0.45

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09:21 22.09.2020
U.S. economy faces long, uncertain recovery - Fed’s Powell
Bloomberg reports that Fed Chair Jerome Powell said the U.S. economy is improving but has a long way to go before fully recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.“Many economic indicators show marked improvement,” Powell said Monday in the text of testimony.“Both employment and overall economic activity, however, remain well below their pre-pandemic levels, and the path ahead continues to be highly uncertain,” he said.In his testimony, Powell repeated earlier remarks that more is required from
09:03 22.09.2020
EUR/USD: Market to discount further ECB easing as recovery likely to falter in Q4 - SEB
eFXdata reports that SEB Research flags a scope for EUR/USD to grind lower in Q4."We believe there is a good chance that risky assets experience a setback during Q4, pressing EUR/USD temporarily lower," SEB notes. "The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a negative effect on peoples’ behaviour and production as long as a vaccine is not widely available and mobility restrictions remain in place. This, together with increasing COVID-19 infections, creates a lot of uncertainty regarding
05:30 22.09.2020
Commodities. Daily history for Monday, September 21, 2020
Raw materials Closed Change, % Brent 41.61 -2.87
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